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Chad Derowitsch: Owner / Personal Trainer of KCFITCLUB. Chad turned his passion for fitness and nutrition into a successful personal training practice.  After graduating from Wichita State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, he moved to Kansas City to pursue a career in personal training. He has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years working with clients with health issues to high-performance athletes. He has made balanced nutrition the cornerstone of his practice. Chad has dedicated himself to speaking out on the importance of nutrition and exercise. You can follow him on many of his platforms:  Linked In, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and Quora.


I first became involved with fitness and nutrition when I started middle school. I was the typical bully magnet, the scrawny awkward kid. (I’m still awkward  just not as scrawny). After getting shoved in lockers and pushed around I was pretty tired of all of it.  I realised I needed a change, If I could get big and strong like my favourite action heroes like Schwarzenegger and Van Damme, I would quit getting my ass kicked. So I became consumed with working out and nutrition. My mom got me my first weight set from a garage sale. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in my basement working out by lifting weights and hitting the heavy bag. As I continued working out I could see the physical results in my body, but the biggest change was the amount of self-confidence that I developed. This was a huge launching point in my life. After I graduated High School, I still continued my passion for working out, but at this point, I didn’t know I could turn my passion into a business. If I was going to make it at life I needed a college degree so I chose business. I started out at Pratt Community College for a year , then transferred up to Kansas State University.  I was amazing at K-State as in amazing at partying. I still continued working out, but that I was probably the only thing I was doing productive. I came to a realisation that I wasn’t making very good decisions and I was hanging out with the wrong crowd.  I needed to find new a path. I found out that Wichita State had an Exercise Science program so I transferred there. I finally got focused and set on the right path. While I was attending Wichita State I was able to get a job as a Personal Trainer at the local YMCA and that’s also where I met my beautiful wife.

We decided in 2003 to move up to Kansas City. I got a job as a Personal Trainer at the Locat YMCA in Olathe where I worked for a couple of years and then moved on to Shawnee Fitness Club, which soon went bankrupt after I started working there.  At this point things came to head, I wasn’t making very much money as a trainer, and we wanted to start a family. So I went on and got an MBA at Baker Univeristy, got securities and insurance licenses and became a Financial Advisor at Metlife for about 6 years. After six years of being miserable working in corporate America, I knew my calling wasn’t there.  As I was working at Metlife I was still doing some in home personal training on the side and developed a nice following. So in 2011 I reached back out to my clients for reviews and referrals, this gave me the ability to go out and start my own business. I did mainly in home training and rented some space at a Personal Training Studio until around 2013. I went into a business with another partner and started our club called Jump Start Nutrition and Fitness . It lasted about 1 year because my business partner experienced some health issues and wasn’t able to continue. This was a blessing in disguise, I was able to find a great space close to where I live and that I could afford the lease on my own. A lot of my clients who I worked with in the past came and starting working with me. I had a great client base to work from and have been growing ever since.

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Over the last two years,  I’ve had amazing opportunities to see KCFITCLUB grow and become one of the most reviewed and recognised personal training studios in the area. I’ve been invited to speak at local rotary clubs, business functions and other not for profit events. I was named the Top trainer in 2015 and Top 10 best in 2016 in Overland Park by Thumbtack who is a servicing agency like Angie’s list, because of all the great reviews I have received. In 2015 I had a client win Grand Champion in a body transformation contest and I personally also took 1st place in my division.  I have also been selected to be on the Athletes Network an influencer for nutrition and exercise on their platform.

Chad Derowitsch, Personal Trainer

Chad Derowitsch balances safety with proper intensity and form that will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. “What separates me above all else is that I will pay close attention to your nutritional program because that’s where superior results come from. Exercise is the catalyst nutrition is the fire.”

Chad Derowitsch, Wichita State University

Chad Derowitsch has excelled at putting the science and art of exercise together. It’s the ability to read people’s body language to know how hard to push someone and when to back off the intensity when needed.

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Chad offers complimentary HEALTH & FITNESS EVALUATION to prospective clients I’m available nationally AND internationally!! I work with everyone from professional athletes to moms, to YOU giving nutritional education. Nutrition is 80% of your success.

Chad Derowitsch

When I’m not training clients I’m off spending time with my wife who I have been married to since 2003 and we have two daughters  As a family, we stay very active in sports and also have no problem wasting a weekend watching college or pro football . We try our best to stay active in our church and in the community.

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