Overland Park Personal Trainer Reviews

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Overland Park Personal Trainer Reviews

Working with Chad has been the best decision and most pivotal point in my weight loss and lifestyle change journey. He takes time to understand your goals and encourage you toward them. He absolutely knows his stuff! He offers education all the way through and that great coach’s personality that pushes you in the right direction!



“Chad is your go to resource for your health and wellness needs. I hired him as my coach and am so pleased with the superior results I have achieved in a short period of time. He customized a very doable program for me taking into consideration my age, fitness level and time constraints. He encourages and motivates me . He is also great at educating and holding me accountable about my nutritional needs.
I would HIGHLY recommend Chad’s services!”

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Overland Park Personal Trainer Reviews

“Chad is the best coach that I ever came across. He understands his client requirements and comes up with workout sessions and nutritional programs based on client needs. If want to get fit and feel great about yourself, Chad is the go-to guy.”


Overland Park Personal Training Reviews

Chad is an amazing trainer! I have worked with many through the years, but Chad kept me on track and helped me lose 40lb and get back to a more active, healthy lifestyle! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!


Overland Park Trainer Reviews

I was looking for weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes and fitness Found it with Chad at KCFitclub! I needed help! His knowledge, energy, continuing support, confidence was the right health/fitness quest for me! At age 61 and almost 59 lbs gone and still going I feel good and strong and ready for more Thanks so much Chad!!


Overland Park Personal Training Reviews

My experience with Chad has been more than I had hoped for in a personal trainer. He has been very patient with me while pushing me to work as hard as I can and I have seen the results. I would recommend Chad to anyone looking to live their best life, and already have several times!

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Chad Derowitsch's awards For Delivering Excellent Results as an Overland Park Personal Trainer.

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